Centre for Translational Cancer Research (CTCR)

In a powerful model of public-private partnership, IISER Pune and Prashanti Cancer Care Mission will bring together clinicians and researchers to integrate cancer research, training, and education. This Centre will be a first-of-its-kind initiative in India with world-class infrastructure and facilities for multidisciplinary training in translational cancer research. We anticipate that the activities of the Centre will have a direct positive impact on the national capacity for translational cancer research and, most importantly, on effective management of cancer in India.

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The Government of India (GoI) has developed a multi-pronged strategy for effective cancer control:

  1. Primary prevention of cancers by health education
  2. Secondary prevention i.e. early detection and diagnosis by screening methods and patients’ education on self-examination methods
  3. Strengthening of existing cancer treatment facilities, which were inadequate
  4. Palliative care in terminal stage cancer

This framework encourages active collaborations and public-private partnerships between various corporate houses, government organisations and NGOs ultimately aiming at effective cancer control in India. Several reputed NGOs in various parts of India are contributing significantly to the goals and objectives of NCCPI.

The NCCCPI Framework

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