Online Counselling

A diagnosis of cancer is a devastating experience for most people.

Many people can get support by talking to close family or friends. However, it can sometimes help to talk to someone from outside of that circle who has been trained to listen and help you explore your feelings. You may feel as if you are riding an emotional rollercoaster.

When someone is diagnosed with cancer, they and their family can feel shocked, numb, directionless and afraid. They often feel they need to talk things through in confidence with someone who understands the emotional challenges of cancer. Talking to a counsellor or psychologist experienced in cancer issues can ease the sense of isolation you may feel and help you find ways to face the challenges ahead.

We are a team dedicated to nurturing your health. Please write your problems, issues or worries and our counsellors shall discuss these with you. We will respond to your queries / posts within 24 hours.

Please leave your correct email address so we can get in touch with you. Rest assured that all information shared will be kept strictly confidential.


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