To undertake BC translational research - which encompasses interdisciplinary and innovative approaches in:


Breast Cancer Research Themes

Schematic representation of the research portfolio at PCCM

Breast Cancer Clinical Registry and Biobank

Breast Cancer Clinical Registry (BCCR) is a collection of information about healthy individuals and patients that is focused around various topics related to BC. We have obtained appropriate approval from Independent Ethics Committee for such personal data collection. After the counseling and informed consent process at the outset, it is expected that that individuals provide information about themselves to these registries on a voluntary basis or by follow-up from research staff from our Center.

At present we are collecting the following data fields for BCCR

Prashanti Breast Cancer Biobank (PBCB) is a biorepository that stores biological samples (usually human) for ethical use in BC research. These include biopsied or surgically excised tissues, paraffin embedded tumor blocks, blood, serum, DNA, urine, saliva etc.

We have obtained appropriate approval from an Independent Ethics Committee for such personal bio-specimen collection and storage. PBCB will be the foundation of our future translational research projects in BC with themes in genomics, transcriptomics proteomics, metabolomics etc ( please see the schematic below)

The Biobank project strategy is depicted in the schematic below:


Innovative Breast Cancer Research Projects

Project Title


Oncoplastic Breast Surgery Techniques

These novel surgical methods have been developed to obviate need for conventional total radical mastectomy (removal of breasts). This method can also be used to achieve better cosmetic outcomes and improvement of quality of life in BC patients post-surgery

One-stage Immediate Breast Reconstruction Surgery

The innovative single step surgery involving placement of a dual-lumen saline filled tissue expander as breast prosthesis. This method has been shown to avoid the unnecessary 2-stage breast reconstruction surgery

Sentinel Node Biopsy

This innovation in BC diagnosis aims at dye-based identification of a single node in the axilla that is cancer-affected. This technique can avoid the unnecessary biopsy of multiple axillary nodes during cancer diagnosis

Lower Dermal Sling Technique for IBRS

This surgical technique involves use of a lower dermal muscle which acts as a sling that can then cover the tissue expander/implant used in breast reconstruction. The sling provides additional layer of protection from radiation therapy induced complications such as tissue fibrosis thereby increase the patient acceptance

Ayurvedic Medicine for BC Treatment

Novel Ayurvedic adjuvants have been evaluated in Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy induced side-effects such as immunosuppression and dermatological changes. These herbalĀ  products have been found to safe, cheap and effective in mitigating the side-effects

Community Screening for Women Cancer in Pune

We have created a novel hi-tech, well-equipped mobile diagnostic unit that can be used for community screening of breast and cervical cancer in Pune city. This mobile unit has found wide-acceptance in the community due to the logistical ease and lower costs of screening in comparison with hospital-based screening

Establishment of Prashanti BC Clinical Biobank (PBCCB)

Creation of a BC tissue repository and clinical registry has allowed us to create a unique platform for multi-disciplinary translational research. Many collaborators have benefitted by direct access to biological samples and their derivatives which allow validation of exploratory laboratory finding for their clinical applications.

Novel Polymer-coated Silicone Implants for Breast Reconstruction Surgery

This multi-disciplinary and innovative research project is aimed at development of a product namely polymer-coated breast implants. Such novel implants are expected to mitigate radiation induced fibrosis in the breast tissue surrounding the breast implants.

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