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Prashanti is glad to announce the inception of its Youth Wing. Prashanti Youth Wing is aimed at providing unique opportunities for socially conscious individuals to contribute towards welfare of society members with volunteers from across the globe and engage with the mission’s activities. If you are a young, enthusiastic individual & less than 25 years old who wishes to be a part of Prashanti’s varied activities, Prashanti Youth Wing is the right platform for you.

If interested you can fill the form on the link given below:

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Hello Malika Ma'am! 

Hope you are doing well and everything is going well at PCCM! I am really missing my time over there ever since coming back to the U.S. Hoping to see you all very soon:) Here is my testimony from my experience as an intern at PCCM. I am sorry to have taken so long to send it! 

First and foremost, the entire staff was so welcoming and kind to me since day one. Each and every person did not hesitate to help and guide me. I truly appreciate everyone's kindness, and sincerity to their work. It was very inspiring to see their dedication to breast cancer research. 

Additionally, I thoroughly enjoyed working on various projects throughout the month. I focused on helping create case study PowerPoints for various patients which were used by Dr. C.B. Koppiker during the June workshop and conference for Breast Onco-Surgeons. I also examined numerous medical reports and inputted data into excel sheets. 

Overall, this experience at PCCM has been extremely enriching and rewarding as I was able to gain invaluable knowledge about breast cancer in India, and had the opportunity to form such special relationships with the incredible staff members. I am truly inspired by PCCM's pursuit to helping breast cancer patients and their families with such care and compassion. Lastly, I will forever remember the wisdom I have gained from this institution and will always implement it in all of my future endeavors. 

I sincerely thank you all for this wonderful opportunity and for everything you have taught me. This center and the staff will always remain close to my heart! 

Best wishes,
Simrita Dhulekar 
2nd Year Biomedical Engineering Student at Boston University 


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