Here is some exciting news from Prashanti Cancer Care Mission! It's a chance for you to participate in our newest venture!!!

We over the number of years have performed many activities to support the poor Cancer Patients. We have noticed that these patients are not able to afford a decent square meal nor can they maintain personal hygiene by buying basic necessities like bathing soaps, washing soaps, etc. Due to unhygienic conditions they end up getting infection during their treatment. To help and to avoid this we have put together a Food Bank in Support of our Cancer patients.

We appreciate donations of food articles like wheat, jowar, bajra, cooking oil, sugar, and pulses. and donations of articles of personal hygiene like toothpastes, washing soap, bathing soap, etc. We also accept donations of cash towards the foodbank , for which a receipt will be provided and the amount will be used to purchase goods that we fall short of at the end of the month.

Please feel free to call our office if required or mail us at: or call on +91-20-25656110.


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