Available Services - Pathology

Dedicated Breast Pathologists * Parameters included in the final pathology report
Available studies Pathology stage (pT and pN)
Cytology Tumour size (invasive component in mm)
Haematoxylin& eosin section (H&E) Histologic type
Surgical specimen Tumor grade
Sentinel node ER/PR receptor status
Core biopsy HER-2/neu receptor status
Frozen section (FS) Peritumoural/Lymphovascular invasion
Surgical specimen Margin status
Sentinel node Other special studies available
Immunohistochemistry stain (IHC) Fluorescence in-situ Hybridization for HER-2 gene (FISH)*
Estrogen receptors OncotypeDx (21-gene assay)**
Progesterone receptors MammaPrint (70-gene microarray)**
HER-2 Prediction Analysis of Microarray 50-gene set (Prosigna PAM 50)**
Ki-67 BRCA1/2 genetic screening**
Clinical Research  

*Outside partners:
Pune : Ruby Hall Clinic, Jehangir Hospital, Oyster and Pearl Hospital
Mumbai: Hinduja Surgical Healthcare Hospital


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