Mobile Van

The Prashanti Cancer Care mobile van is fully equipped with mammography equipment, all diagnostics, a fully equipped lab for all tests, a small operating table for procedures like a biopsy and other minor procedures which will provide free services for the underpriviledgedin fringe areas around pune.

We have attractive schemes for Corporates, Educational Institutions and Groups who would like to get health check-ups done for their members. Corporates and others can invite this van on to their campus for group check-ups for their employees or members. This will save valuable time for the employees and the results of tests will also be delivered at their doorstep.

Our Mobile van has been conceived to reach out to patients in villages and bastis who may not have access to facilities for diagnosis and check-ups. Our bus will go to bastis and villages, and conduct check-ups and awareness programs for early detection and prevention of cancer. All the villagers and basti dwellers who are detected with cancer, will be treated at our centre, free of cost. Our mobile van started its operations on World Cancer Day. Please click on the link to find out details


Coping With Cancer



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