Guiding Principle

"To create a low-cost, affordable, community based program for cancer education,
awareness and screening that will reduce the Cancer burden in Indian women"

Rationale for the program


  • 70-80% Cancer cases are detected late when treatment is difficult
  • Early detection helps in complete cure of some cancers
  • Cancer prevention is possible by sensitizing women to healthy lifestyle and diet
  • Breast cancer is on the rise in India - 1 in 22 urban women affected, Median Age 42
  • Research predicts a 3% increase every year – 1 in 15 BC cases in 2020
  • 30%-40% of total Indian population is at risk for Cervical Cancer

Ground Realities

  • Poor Infrastructure, knowledge, awareness amongst Indian women
  • Shortage of qualified technicians, limited BC and CC care in hospitals
  • Limited Governmental Support, Lack of National Cancer Plan
  • Lack of coordination between Govt. agencies

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