Operational Model

Operational model of the program - 'Hub and Spoke'

Primary care

Community Sensitization

BC : Education/Awareness, SBE* training
CC : Education/Awareness

Secondary care

Mobile Diagnostic Unit

BC : Analog Mammography, CBE*
CC : VIA/Colposcopy

Tertiary care

Center of Excellence in Women Cancers

BC : Digitial Mammography, USG, Biopsy
CC : Biopsy, Pap Smear

*BC – Breast Cancer | CC – Cervical Cancer | USG – Ultrasound | SBE – Self Breast Exam | CBE – Clinical Breast Exam

Technology use

Operational model of the program

Exhaustive and Non-discriminatory Appropriate Referral Treatment for All

Cover women from all socioeconomic
strata in the city of Pune.

Attractive and scalable enough to
absorb this heavy load.

  • Mere detection is not good enough.
  • Suspected BC or CC cases: counsel
    and referral to tertiary facilities for
    further treatment & care.
  • All patients should be treated with
    affordable & excellent Oncological
  • Generate funds, on a sustainable
    basis, Cross-subsidy Model
Support for Starting up
  • Supported by Tata Trusts (and other like-minded institutions)
  • Building the backend-infrastructure (equipment, infrastructure, project staff, and technology) needed to run such a large-scale programme.
  • The 'unit cost' of each screening and treatment may still have to be recovered (or subsidized, as the case may be) from the individual patients
Link with government to scale-up Linkages to Government of Maharashtra's public-health infrastructure to :
  • reduce overall project costs (by using its paramedics and existing facilities in hospitals and urban-centers),
  • increase outreach and promotion (by using the government's messaging platforms)
  • create systems & processes of working with the government system (which is the only media for facilitating country-wide adoption)
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