Onco Psychology Course

Prashanti holds a Psychology Course especially designed to teach individuals to handhold and guide patients suffering from Cancer.

This course is useful to professionals in the helping professions, to those who wish to acquire skills in counseling, to trainers in counseling and to those who wish to improve their way of functioning with people. The course will include a combination of attitudes and skills required to deal with persons requiring counseling and those battling with cancer. This programme will equip you to achieve a high standard of counseling and allow you to have practical experience under supervision.

It has been seen that a counselor who functions in life at a high level will be able to help counselees rise to a level higher than the one at which they are functioning. This programme will also help deal with areas of our personality which call for reform and enrichment.

This course is conducted by Chaula Patel who is a Counselling Psychologist and our HOD – Psychology.

In case you are interested in joining this course please email at prashanti.news@gmail.com

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